Amana Academy, 285 South Main St., Alpharetta, GA 30009, Phone: (678) 624-0989 |

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School requesting records: Amana Academy | Address: 285 S Main Street, Alpharetta GA FAX (678) 624-0892

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I authorize the release of all academic, discipline and confidential records for the above-named student to the requesting school listed above. Please forward complete transcript, discipline records, immunization, Georgia FTE# (if applicable), and Special Education records (including IEP, psychological, and evaluation reports).

Please include all applicable documentation. This may include but it is not limited to the following:

Student Support Team Documentation
Permanent Record and Transcript
Psychological Report
Individual Education Program (IEP)
Speech/Language Evaluation
Progress Reports
Eligibility Report for Identified Exceptionality(s)
Educational Evaluation/Achievement Data
Occupational/Physical Therapy Report(s)
Classroom Observation/Anecdotal Records
Neuropsychological Report
Consent for Placement
Psychiatric evaluation report
Transition Plan
Audiological Report
Behavior Intervention Plan
Otological Report
Behavioral Checklists
Eye Report
Consent for Evaluation
Adaptive Behavior Report
Georgia Alternative Assessment (GAA)
Discipline Reports
English Language Learner (ELL) documentation
Gifted documentation
Remedial documentation

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